IT &

Internet, Telephone and
Business solutions for everyone

• Next-generation platform
• Voice and Data service
•. Multi-product offering
• CCTV options
• Fibre optic, UTP and Wireless technologies


Carrier-grade telephone services

• Wireless
• Voicemail
•. Call waiting
• 5 - 10% Cheaper than fix line calls
• No copper cable theft


Advance infrastructure

• 2.4 GHz and 5.8GHz frequency network
• Carrier class
• Impressive uptime and reliability
• Growth of 45% per annum
• Licensed service provider

incl vat

Our services

We service the underdeveloped information communication infrastructure in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.
We offer a wide range of ICT services that are crucial to any professional business.

VOIP Telephony

Voice over IP is one of the most popular solutions for cost-effective telephony communications.

WIFI Internet

We offer customer-oriented services via innovative wireless broadband solutions.

IT Consulting

We assess your requirements and give you our recommendations after an onsite appraisal.

Support Center

We offer a friendly, fast and reliable IT Support Service for business and residential customers.

IT Sales & Services

We bring together our expert knowledge and vendor accreditations to be your trusted IT advisor.

Security Solutions

We install security systems that enable you to monitor your property with ease.

Web Development

We provide you with effective solutions in order to reap the benefits available on the Internet.

Website Optimisation

We get more visitors to your online platform through better search engine rankings.

Future Focus

As a Wireless Internet Service Provider in the Limpopo Province, we aim to bridge the digital divide
and bring connectivity to people living in rural areas and places with low teledensity.

Telephone Services

Building a commanding and all-inclusive solution that is locally developed, future proof, easy to use and affordable.

Security & Monitoring

Developing the best local and remote solutions to allow for cost effective CCTV and monitoring options

IT Sales & Services

By understanding our customers needs, we are busy developing the most comprehensive technology service in the region.

Network Growth

We are actively constructing and acquiring new sites to help our customers grow their businesses.

Choose the best Internet option for you

We offer plans to suit the unique needs of the Bela Bela region. We provide fixed tariffs for uncapped
internet packages and carrier-grade telephone services wirelessly at competitive rates.

Super Fast Fibre

20 – 10 Mbps

  • Fibre

    R449.00 excl VAT

40 – 10 Mbps

  • Fibre

    R569.00 excl VAT

100 – 50 Mbps

  • Fibre

    R999.00 excl VAT

WiFi Internet

All data services are Synchronous, this means that the UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD speeds are equal

2 – 10 Mbps

  • 2 Mbps Synchronous

    R199.00 excl VAT

    R228.85 incl VAT
  • 3 Mbps Synchronous

    R385.00 excl VAT

    R442.75 incl VAT
  • 4 Mbps Synchronous

    R550.00 excl VAT

    R632.50 incl VAT
  • 5 Mbps Synchronous

    R675.00 incl VAT

    R776.25 excl VAT
  • 6 Mbps Synchronous

    R750.00 excl VAT

    R862.50 incl VAT
  • 7 Mbps Synchronous

    R808.50 excl VAT

    R929.78 incl VAT
  • 8 Mbps Synchronous

    R850.00 incl VAT

    R977.50 excl VAT
  • 9 Mbps Synchronous

    R909.00 excl VAT

    R1045.35 incl VAT
  • 10 Mbps Synchronous

    R919.60 excl VAT

    R1057.54 incl VAT

11 – 20 Mbps

  • 11 Mbps Synchronous

    R990.00 excl VAT

    R1138.55 incl VAT
  • 12 Mbps Synchronous

    R1068.00 excl VAT

    R1228.20 incl VAT
  • 13 Mbps Synchronous

    R1144.00 excl VAT

    R1315.60 incl VAT
  • 14 Mbps Synchronous

    R1225.00 excl VAT

    R1408.75 incl VAT
  • 15 Mbps Synchronous

    R1304.00 excl VAT

    R1499.60 incl VAT
  • 16 Mbps Synchronous

    R1384.00 incl VAT

    R1591.60 excl VAT
  • 17 Mbps Synchronous

    R1476.10 excl VAT

    R1679.52 incl VAT
  • 18 Mbps Synchronous

    R1548.00 excl VAT

    R1780.20 incl VAT
  • 19 Mbps Synchronous

    R1624.50 excl VAT

    R1868.18 incl VAT

20 – 200 Mbps

  • 20 Mbps Synchronous

    R1706.00 excl VAT

    R1961.90 incl VAT
  • 25 Mbps Synchronous

    R2125.00 excl VAT

    R2443.75 incl VAT
  • 30 Mbps Synchronous

    R3535.00 excl VAT

    R2915.25 incl VAT
  • 40 Mbps Synchronous

    R3864.00 excl VAT

    R3360.00 incl VAT
  • 50 Mbps Synchronous

    R4200.00 excl VAT

    R4830.00 incl VAT
  • 100 Mbps Synchronous

    R8400.00 incl VAT

    R9660.00 excl VAT
  • 200 Mbps Synchronous

    R17,900.00 excl VAT

    R20,585.00 incl VAT

Why Choose Us

Our team consists of Network specialists and Computer/Server administrators that together form a team
that is able to provide our clients with one-stop turnkey solutions.

Wireless footprint

Most advance infrastructure and technology available

Licensed service provider

Belanet is ICASA licensed and a proud member of WAPA.


We provide hands-on technical support

IT services

Affordable website hosting and design packages.