Guide to doing an
internet speed test correctly

So your internet speed is feeling sluggish, and you would like to know what speeds you are getting. This easy step by step guide will help you do the speed test correctly. The purpose of the speed test is to determine if you are getting the speed you are paying for. Further, it is also an easy way to determine if someone on your local network is using the capacity of the link.

 Disconnect your computer from the network


Please know what package you are paying for, as different packages will give you a different result.

 Connect your computer directly with the cable running from the LAN port on the power adaptor


 Once connected directly to the cable, test your internet connection. When you have confirmed that you have internet connectivity, open your browser and use one of the following speed test services:

 Click the Begin Test button Your results should be displayed if the steps were followed correctly. If you feel that there is a problem with the internet speed, please feel free to contact our friendly support staff on the numbers provided on our website.