The wireless future of Internet service

Most people get Internet service from either a telephone company or a Cell provider
because these providers already provide physical connections to their homes and businesses.
Most cell-phone service providers offer wireless Internet service—with 4G LTE being the fastest current technology
but that doesn’t make them WISPs.


Cell-phone service providers don’t expect you to use their service 24/7, and most place very low caps on the amount of data
you can transfer over their networks each month (and charge hefty fees if you exceed that amount).
At Belanet we do not need to bring wire to your location and we don’t put limits on your data, making it a good solution
for serving rural areas where telcos companies couldn’t be bothered to invest.

Popular FAQ’s

You can’t wait for the phone company to bring you the internet you deserve,
but Belanet Internet can connect you to the things that matter most.

How do I sign up?

You can request a site survey online. Or you can call us at 014 001 7000 during office hours. We’ll check your location to determine if you are a good candidate for our service and setup a time to install your internet connection. Belanet plans require a month to month contract and the service is charged month-to-month.

What does the install include and involve?

Our installation professionals will determine the best location and position for your antenna (usually on your roof). This is connected through an exterior wall to your wireless router via cable. This will be done as close to your primary computer as possible.

What is meant by uncapped?

This means we don’t have data caps or track how much bandwidth our customers use. We do monitor for excessive throughput that may compromise the health or integrity of customer connections. Regular users do not need to worry about this. Sometimes, our detection will indicate that you may have been infected with a virus that is taxing your connection. Either way, we will contact you if this becomes a concern.

Choose the best Internet option for you

We offer plans to suit the unique needs of the Bela Bela region. We provide fixed tariffs for uncapped
internet packages and carrier-grade telephone services wirelessly at competitive rates.

All data services are Synchronous, this means that the UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD speeds are equal

2 – 10 Mbps

  • 2 Mbps Synchronous

    R199.00 excl VAT

    R228.85 incl VAT
  • 3 Mbps Synchronous

    R385.00 excl VAT

    R442.75 incl VAT
  • 4 Mbps Synchronous

    R550.00 excl VAT

    R632.50 incl VAT
  • 5 Mbps Synchronous

    R776.25 excl VAT

    R675.00 incl VAT
  • 6 Mbps Synchronous

    R750.00 excl VAT

    R862.50 incl VAT
  • 7 Mbps Synchronous

    R808.50 excl VAT

    R929.78 incl VAT
  • 8 Mbps Synchronous

    R977.50 excl VAT

    R850.00 incl VAT
  • 9 Mbps Synchronous

    R909.00 excl VAT

    R1045.35 incl VAT
  • 10 Mbps Synchronous

    R919.60 excl VAT

    R1057.54 incl VAT

11 – 20 Mbps

  • 11 Mbps Synchronous

    R990.00 excl VAT

    R1138.55 incl VAT
  • 12 Mbps Synchronous

    R1068.00 excl VAT

    R1228.20 incl VAT
  • 13 Mbps Synchronous

    R1144.00 excl VAT

    R1315.60 incl VAT
  • 14 Mbps Synchronous

    R1225.00 excl VAT

    R1408.75 incl VAT
  • 15 Mbps Synchronous

    R1304.00 excl VAT

    R1499.60 incl VAT
  • 16 Mbps Synchronous

    R1591.60 excl VAT

    R1384.00 incl VAT
  • 17 Mbps Synchronous

    R1476.10 excl VAT

    R1679.52 incl VAT
  • 18 Mbps Synchronous

    R1548.00 excl VAT

    R1780.20 incl VAT
  • 19 Mbps Synchronous

    R1624.50 excl VAT

    R1868.18 incl VAT

20 – 200 Mbps

  • 20 Mbps Synchronous

    R1706.00 excl VAT

    R1961.90 incl VAT
  • 25 Mbps Synchronous

    R2125.00 excl VAT

    R2443.75 incl VAT
  • 30 Mbps Synchronous

    R3535.00 excl VAT

    R2915.25 incl VAT
  • 40 Mbps Synchronous

    R3864.00 excl VAT

    R3360.00 incl VAT
  • 50 Mbps Synchronous

    R4200.00 excl VAT

    R4830.00 incl VAT
  • 100 Mbps Synchronous

    R9660.00 excl VAT

    R8400.00 incl VAT
  • 200 Mbps Synchronous

    R17,900.00 excl VAT

    R20,585.00 incl VAT