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Remote Camera deployment has become more affordable, and challenges posed by older systems have been eradicated with the use of the latest carrier class wireless network equipment. Wireless Camera solutions are increasingly popular with large Lodges and Security Estates; these solutions can be rapidly deployed and are very flexible

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Belanet Installs security systems at homes and businesses which enable you to monitor your property with ease. If you would like us to supply you with all the relevant information, please email: and we will organise a site visit and will recommend the best possible Surveillance system according to your needs. The product ranges we install varies from High-end High-Resolution systems to standard analog CCTV home solutions.

Types of Security Cameras

Security cameras are come in in wired or wireless form. With a wired security, camera cables are installed throughout your home for the cameras to work. Wired cameras have better picture quality than wireless cameras. A wireless security system uses radio signals for transmission. A wireless system can be placed anywhere and is a lot easier to install. One disadvantage to a wireless system is that the signal can be interrupted. Interference can also occur from devices such as cordless phones and microwaves. In many cases, the presence of a security camera alone can deter crime.

Motion Detection Cameras

To conserve the wireless camera’s batteries modern systems use motion detector capabilities. These cameras only turn on when the system senses movement. You can choose cameras that remain in a fixed position or cameras that zoom in and sweep the area. Security cameras that use motion detectors will require less storage space since the system only comes on when it detects movement. You can also use these cameras to monitor the inside of your home.

Vandal-Proof Security Cameras

If you need a security camera that can stand up to vandals, then you should choose a vandal-proof security camera for your home. These cameras are built enclosed with a strong casing that can withstand abuse or attacks. Often, these cameras are dome shaped and used in many public parking lots, bus stations and other areas where they must stand up to possible abuse. Another advantage of these cameras is the fact that you can’t see inside the domed casing. This prevents people from knowing the exact camera angle. You will also see these types of cameras in retail stores, shopping malls and other public places. They are especially helpful if the security cameras outside of your home must be hung low or they are easily accessible.

Wireless IP Security Cameras

A wireless IP camera works by sending data over a local area network otherwise known as a LAN allowing you to capture images and video over the internet. There is no need to install complicated wires with this system. One advantage of this system is the fact that you can view the images on any electronic device that is connected to the Internet. You can also view images from anywhere in the world. You can go on vacation, and check on your home while you are away. The bandwidth determines how many wireless security cameras you can install in your security camera system.

Night Vision Capability

Night vision cameras do an excellent job of capturing images even in complete darkness. These cameras work by using thermal imaging to sense the heat around an object. Some night vision security cameras use image enhancement technology to produce an image. This technology uses light-emitting diodes that reflect from an object and is therefore amplified by the camera. The quality of the images depends on the number of pixels available on the camera system.

Professional Installation

The advantages of hiring a professional team to install your security camera system are numerous. Hiring a professional team will save you lots of time. You will have peace of mind knowing that your security camera system has been installed correctly. Wireless Security Camera systems are complicated systems that must be installed correctly to be effective. Knowledgeable security technicians are always available when you have questions about your own safety system.