Expanding Network

Since 2007, Belanet has pursued an active expansion plan that saw hundreds of links deployed in its network. Belanet provides the most innovative, reliable and advanced platforms that perform as promised, while leveraging new emergent technologies.

From R75/per month


  • Next generation platform
  • Voice and data services
  • Multi-product offering
  • CCTV options
  • Fibre optic, UTP and Wireless Technologies
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Future proof


  • Multi-core radio technology
  • All-outdoor design
  • On-Demand capacity
  • Mesh network
  • Generator backup
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Our next generation platform

As South Africa’s electronic and transmission systems move from analogue to digital, the telecommunications landscape has become more sophisticated and intelligent. This evolved platform is called a Next Generation Network.


Belanet offers the ultimate voice and data connectivity with customisable solutions that result in optimal ICT service.


Belanet’s Fibre guarantees high speed, cost effective and reliable connectivity superior to all alternative solutions..

Voice Services

Belanet voice connectivity enables voice to utilise the same protocol service as the Internet instead of traditional analogue phone signals.


Belanet's Wireless travels through electromagnetic waves making the wireless transmission of voice and data possible.

Robust Network

The Belanet core network is built on carrier class Next Generation Network (NGN) fibre links The Belanetx network has embedded Quality of Service (QoS) to optimise the end-user experience

Uncapped Data

Belanet’s uncapped data enables you to connect to the Internet with great speed and capacity.

Async or Full Sync Connectivity

Asynchronous is relatively simple, and therefore inexpensive. Synchronous communication is usually much more efficient in use of bandwidth than Asynch.

Async Connectivity

Available plans/packages. All prices exclude VAT.

  •  256Mbps          R75
  •  1024Mbps         R385
  •  2048Mbps         R675
  •  3072Mpbs          R999
  •  4096Mbps         R1 499
R75.00/per month
Custom options

Full Sync Connectivity

Available plans/packages. All prices exclude VAT.

  •  1024Mbps         R550
  •  2048Mbps         R999
  •  3072Mbps         R1 799
  •  4096Mbps         R2 499
R550.00/per month
Custom options

Async vs Full Sync Comparison

Should you be using async or full sync connectivity?

Async Features
  • More cost effective
  • Ideal for home use
  • Slower upload speed than full sync
Full sync Features
  • Lower overhead and thus, greater throughput
  • Same upload and download speed
  • Ideal for medium to large enterprises
  • Public IP address included